Public Bus

If you live more than 2 miles from school, the Department of Education will provide you with bus vouchers for the public bus. It takes 5-7 weeks for the application to be processed, you will be notified when your tickets are available.

The application can be downloaded here: Bus Ticket Application

Please fill out the application and either drop it off at the main office or email it to 

We will have updates about the private bus service once we resume in-person instruction. 
- Sept. 2020 

Private Bus

Aug. 2, 2020 letter 

This is a reminder email that anyone who has paid for the bus service is entitled to a refund of your payment(s) for this upcoming year.  

To assist the Committee with providing faster and accurate refunds, we are requesting the following information when you email us a refund request:

Rider Name(s):
Refund Amount:
Name and Mailing Address for Refund:

The information above is available in our tracking but is a bit spread out so providing it again in an email will help speed up the process or reconciliation and make our mailings more accurate.  No further action is needed from folks that have already received an email from us concerning the timing and check # for their refund.

For those of you who requested a refund but haven't heard back yet, please send us a follow-up email with the details requested above (we're sorry for duplicate effort this creates for a few of you).

We will confirm receipt of your request and then provide a follow-up email with the approximate timing and check # for your refund, which will be mailed directly from Valley National Bank.

July 28, 2020 letter

Bus Protocols
  • Only 12 students will be able to ride a bus that normally allows for 54 riders each day to maintain social distancing
  • Masks must be worn by all riders 
  • Bus windows will be kept open for air flow
  • Extra cleaning of the inside of the bus will take place each day (more details will be shared about this as we learn more)
Bus Service, Sign-ups, and Pricing
  • At this time, we have only received payments for 4 riders in Pre-K through 1st grade
  • It is highly unlikely that Quest can provide service for the current number of paid riders in these grades but the company is exploring options and we'll share information as we learn more
  • We are also not sure yet whether Quest can provide bus service on Fridays for the other grades but we'll share more transportation related information as additional details are shared by LCCS
  • If we confirm that Quest cannot provide bus service for the other grades on Fridays then we'll communicate that and initiate refunds to all families with riders older than 1st grade
  • With so many moving parts and open questions, the Committee doesn't know yet how the current price of $1,720 per rider or routes/stops will be impacted by the reduction in service due to the Mon-Thu schedule and cohort rotations
Bus Refunds
  • As we shared previously, all families (including Pre-K through 1st grade) that have made payments are entitled to a refund between now and the start of school for any reason
  • A few requests have already been received for refunds and they are being processed.  We apologize for the delay but we are setting up online bill payment through our bank which should be ready next week and then we'll begin processing the refund requests
  • If you want a refund, please email and provide your name and mailing address so that we determine the amount owed and trigger the payment through our bank
Next Steps
  • It would be very helpful to know whether there is additional demand in grades Pre-K through 1st for bus service as more riders would likely be needed to make bus service viable in the Fall
  • Please send an email back to if you plan on sending your Pre-K through 1st grader(s) to LCCS in September for in person learning and will require bus service (no payment needed at this time)
Thank you for your patience as we work to finalize transportation plans.  Feel free to reach out to us with any bus related questions.

Feel free to reach out with any questions by emailing the Committee at


If you are interested in using the private bus service starting this Fall, please fill out, sign, and mail the forms below with a check payment. (Please email the bus group for address.) As an alternative to paying by check, you may also request an invoice from us to pay using PayPal (there will be a 3% surcharge).     

$1,720 per rider (sorry - there are no sibling discounts) 

Payment Schedule:
1st payment due Friday, June 19 for $600 per rider
2nd payment due Friday, July 10 for $600 per rider
3rd payment due Friday August 28 for $520 per rider
Make all checks payable to:
LCCS Transportation Committee, LLC
If you miss any payment deadlines then you will need to catch up on all payments by the next deadline to secure or maintain your spot for the bus service.

Please look over the routes below as you will need that information to complete the registration forms.  The routes reflect the stops where there was the greatest need for stops.  We're sorry if anyone finds that the current routes don't operate close enough to their homes.  Unfortunately, adding or changing stops to the routes is a complicated proposition and the Bus Committee will only consider making changes for families that send in completed forms and are up to date on their payments.

Regarding COVID 19:

We don't know how transportation like the private bus service will be impacted by LCCS plans or the city, state, and federal guidelines.  We certainly hope to have the same level of service that we've had previously including a late bus for kids who participate in the after-school program (route 303 on the attached form).  That said, the Bus Committee does want to assure all of the families that submit payments that we will not make any payments to the bus company for the 2020-21 school year until we understand how the service will work and allow families the option to receive a full refund.  


Bus Forms 

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