Individual Counseling @ LCCS
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     At Learning Community Charter School, we provide every student with the opportunity to partake in individual counseling services to focus on 4 domains: Academic, Career/College, Personal/Social & Behavioral.

     School Based Counseling services are provided by the Certified School Counselor, Ms. Shanelle Muse, who is employed by the Learning Community Charter School. Certified School Counselors are credentialed by the State of New Jersey and possess a Master’s degree in Counseling or related field.

     Counseling services provided by Ms. Shanelle Muse are short term and are not intended to replace the services offered by external Licensed Clinical Counselors. However, these services are designed to assist the student in removing the barriers that are interfering with their learning. The topics may include academics, personal issues, social skills, or other relevant topics. The format may take the form of either six, 30-minute, small group or individual sessions.

     In addition to meeting with the student, Ms. Shanelle Muse may use clinical assessments to assist in the development of counseling plans or interventions that may be used to benefit the student in or out of the classroom. These assessments are not used to form a diagnostic conclusion nor will they be used as a determining factor of a diagnosis. The information gained from these assessments will be shared with parents and the student’s teacher, if deemed necessary and permissions are provided, in an effort to best support the student’s need(s).


CONFIDENTIALITY As a school counselor, I believe in affirming every students' worth and dignity. A student who has a counseling relationship with me has the right to privacy and the promise of confidentiality. Exceptions to confidentiality exist, and students are informed that situations arise in which I must inform others of information obtained in counseling relationships in order to protect the students themselves or others. Privileged communication between a student and I is a legal term granting privilege to a counseling relationship only if said “privilege” is granted by federal or state statue. If “privilege” applies it can provide additional safeguards to confidential information.

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SOLUTION-FOCUSED BRIEF COUNSELING Solution–focused brief counseling (SFBC) is a postmodern therapeutic system which focuses on helping students create solutions in a straight-forward manner within a limited amount of time. It is based on the assumptions that students have the necessary strengths and resources to change and that counseling is most effective when focusing on constructing solutions unique to each student. Solution-focused brief counseling differs from other modes of counseling in that it shifts the focus from problem solving to creating present and future solutions. The primary aim is to help students who are experiencing difficulty in one of the four domains listed above, to find rolls they can use immediately to manage symptoms and cope with challenges, in order to build resiliency, reach self-efficacy and gain empowerment.  

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BIBLIOTHERAPY COUNSELING Bibliotherapy is the process of using books to help children think about, understand, and work through social and emotional concerns. Reading with children can be therapeutic.... Adults can use reading to help children come to grips with issues that create emotional turmoil for them. Reading can also be...very effective in preventing and resolving behavior problems. I utilize this technique often times to assist students in dealing with:

  • alcoholism and drug abuse
  • bullying
  • death and dying
  • disabilities and handicaps
  • divorce, separation and stepfamilies
  • anger management
  • lying/attitude/emotional regulation 

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