Group Counseling @ LCCS
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At Learning Community Charter School, group counseling is vital in the delivery of the ASCA National Model to our student population, as part of an effective comprehensive school counseling program supported by the school administration. 

The reason we have various groups at LCCS is because we believe it is important that we have our students working on shared tasks and developing supportive relationships in a group setting. Our groups provide our students with a direct service for academic, social-emotional or situational concerns. Through communication, cooperation and research-based activities, our group members are able to achieve healthier personal adjustment, cope with stress and address their unique needs. 

It is very important for me to meet students where they are. In order to do that, I would like for your child to complete a needs assessment survey first!

Kindergarten-2nd grade (lunch bunches):  Lower Elementary Group Counseling Needs Assessment.pdf
3rd & 4th grade: Upper Elementary Group Counseling Needs Assesment.pdf
5th-8th grade: Middle School Group Counseling Needs Assessment.pdf

K-1 Lunch Bunch Topics:

January: Social Skills & Working With Others
             Social Skills & Overcoming Shyness

February: Communication & Good Listening Habits
               Communication & Friendships

March: Family Life & Dealing with Divorce/Separation
           Family Life & Dealing with Siblings

April: Empathy & Caring for Others
         Empathy & Self-Love

May: Being Responsible & Making Good Choices 
        Being Responsible & Telling the Truth

June: Anti-Bullying & Dealing with Teasing
         Managing Stress of Entering a New Grade 

Elementary & Middle School Group Counseling Topics:

Navigating Friendships
Dealing with Peer Pressure
Improving Communication
Navigating Dating & Relationships
Sexuality, Gender Identity & LGBTQ+ Related (G.S.A.)
Tobacco, Alcohol or Drug Experimentation/Use
Self-Esteem/Body Image
Anti-Bullying & Dealing with Teasing
Emotional Control
Resolving Conflicts
Parental Divorce/Separation 
Anxiety & Worry
Personal Exploration (Who Am I Really)

Getting organized
Time management
Study Skills
Reducing Test Anxiety
PARCC Results & Test Score Interpretation 
Understanding Career Options & My Personality
Planning Life After Middle School
Understanding My Learning Style to Improve How I Learn
Developing Better Relationships with My Teachers
Developing Homework Habits that Help