PARCC Language Arts

PARCC Language Arts Information Power Point

The PARCC ELA/Literacy Assessment aims to reflect the instructional shifts inherent in the CCSS. Specifically, the assessment will embody three key shifts at the heart of the ELA/literacy Standards:

1. Reading and writing grounded in evidence from text.
2. Regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary
3. Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction and informational texts

There are three types of tasks on the End-of- Year 
Performance-Based Assessments start April 4, 2016.

A. Literary Analysis Tasks—The Literary Analysis Task plays an important role in honing students’ ability to read complex text closely, a skill that research reveals as the most significant factor differentiating college-ready from non-college-ready readers. This task will ask students to carefully consider literature worthy of close study and compose an analytic essay.

B. Research Simulation Task—The Research Simulation Task is an assessment component worthy of student preparation because it asks students to exercise the career- and college readiness skills of observation, deduction, and proper use and evaluation of evidence across text types. 

In this task, students will analyze an informational topic presented through several articles or multimedia stimuli, the first text being an anchor text that introduces the topic. Multi-media, as well as print, texts can serve as the anchor text in tasks. Students will engage with the texts by answering a series of questions and synthesizing information from multiple sources in order to write two analytic essays.

C. Narrative Writing Task—The Narrative Task broadens the way in which students may use this type of writing. Narrative writing can be used to convey experiences or events, real or imaginary. In this task, students may be asked to write a story, detail a scientific process, write a historical account of important figures, or to describe an account of events, scenes or objects, for example.

Reading Literature: Students demonstrate comprehension and draw evidence from readings of grade-level, complex literary text.

Reading Informational Text: Students demonstrate comprehension and draw evidence from readings of grade-level, complex informational texts.

Vocabulary Interpretation and Use: Students use context to determine the meaning of words and phrases. 

 End of Year Testing window Starts April 4th.