Co-Ed Volleyball

Our new, co-ed volleyball team was created in the spring of 2016! It is comprised of middle school students from 6th,  7th and 8th grade and is coached by Andres Nunez, who is the head coach, and Charlotte Carr, who is the assistant coach.

Any questions about our volleyball team, please contact Andres Nunez at 


Sofia I. - 8th
Hannah B. - 8th
Tanish W. - 8th
Romeo M. - 8th
AJ B. - 7th
Aleyna K. - 7th
Samantha S. - 7th
Annie P. - 7th
Carter S. - 7th
Alexandra P. - 7th
Gisella C.o - 7th
Luke P. - 7th
Kathleen G. - 7th
Fiona S. - 7th
Pearl C. - 6th
Timothy A. - 6th