Co-Ed Volleyball

Our new, co-ed volleyball team was created in the spring of 2016! It is comprised of middle school students from 6th,  7th and 8th grade and is coached by Scott Silva, who is the head coach, and Andres Nunez, who is the assistant coach.

Any questions about our volleyball team, please contact Scott Silva at


1. Rachel Gapasin
2. Declan Reagan
3. Isabella Cabarcos
4. Darla Klammer
5. Bea Ysabel Lim
6. Asalbonu Akhadova
7. Olivia Castillo
8. Maxine Maciaszek
9. Sophia Gliatto
10. Maya Grutman
11. Allanise Balbutin
12. Jade Joseph
13. Yasmeen Idrissi