Boys Basketball

Our boys basketball team, The Jags, is comprised of middle school students from 6th,  7th and 8th grade and is coached by Angel Melendez, who is the head coach, and Jerome Davis, who is the assistant coach.

Any questions about our boys basketball team, please contact Angel Melendez

2017-2018 Team Roster

Devin M.-6th grade
Sakeiu F.-6th grade
Iba M.-6th grade (Bookkeeper)
Timothy A.-6th grade
Thomas A.-6th grade
Isiah J.-6th grade

Zion F.-7th grade

Chance B.-7th grade

Jayvon C.-8th grade
JaTy M.-8th grade (*Captain*)
Julian D.-8th grade
Justis M.-8th grade
Christopher P.-8th grade (*Captain*)
Brandon S.-8th grade
Kawin P.-8th grade