Art Curriculum K -5

Learning Community Charter School

Visual Art Curriculum K-5

Jill Schifter - Art Teacher

The visual arts curriculum is based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and built upon the philosophy and goals of the National Standards for Arts Education.

The expectation of the NJ arts standards is that all students communicates at a basic level in the discipline by the end of the 5th grade, using vocabularies, materials, tools, techniques, and intellectual methods in a developmentally appropriate manner.

The revised 2009 visual arts standards align and correlate with the National Standards for Arts Education and NAEP Arts Education Assessment Framework: creating, performing and responding. When actively engaged in these processes, students not only learn about the arts, they learn through and within the arts.

At LCCS the art curriculum is an integrated program following grade level units of study. Each unit of study lasts about 4 - 6 weeks and encompasses approximately 2 - 3 projects per unit. Curriculum integration helps to broaden, deepen and reinforce these particular areas of study. Working in this manner students learn how science, math, writing, technology, social studies, music and dance are interwoven. Students learn how to interpret and convey these ideas through self expression and exploration of materials and techniques unique to each project.

Students build a solid foundation exploring the elements and principles of art/design, art history, artists ( historical and contemporary), art from different cultures, media and technology as it relates to the unit of study.

Students engage in group discussion, sharing and constructive positive critique which organically builds self-confidence, awareness of our differences and knowledge of the formal concerns of art making. Students work both collaboratively and individually depending on the nature of the project.

My method of assessment is based on these criteria:

  • Understands concepts presented

  • Able to plan projects/be organized

  • Uses time well; Works independently/sustains focus

  • Cooperates with others/behaves respectfully

  • Able to be assertive by asking for help and advocates for self

  • Uses and replaces materials responsibly

  • Shows empathy towards others

  • Exhibits self-control

The art room is a place where children learn about the process of creation through inquiry, critical thinking/ problem solving, personal interests, choice, reflection, and sharing within our school and community.