Mr. Brown
Glad to see November is here!  

We are off to the races... Ensemble rehearsals have begun with the Wind Ensemble meeting Wednesdays and the Intermediate Band meeting Thursdays before school. These rehearsals are super important to our development as a program so I truly appreciate all of the work that goes into getting everyone in the building so early, especially to those families that pull double duty with a student in each band! 

4th Grade finishes up the first three pages of the book this month
5th Cleans up Let's Go Band and Power Rock
6th-8th Gets Dreamcatcher and Shenandoah up to snuff for our first concert December 19th

Jazz Band is meeting Tuesdays and is starting to get back in the swing of things! If you have a child who has studied piano, can read bass clef notes, and would like to play the bass parts on keyboard, please let me know!