Extra Help



Come for HELP!

These are different ways of getting help:

Ms. Gonzalez's Office Hours

I am available for extra help on Monday and Wednesday during 5th period.  Bring your lunch, your assignment(s) and a positive attitude! :)

Also available before school by appointment only on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Other options for extra help:

 Peer tutoring 
The National Junior Honor Society offers peer tutoring during 5th period lunch (by appointment only) everyday in my room, 210A. 

 Sign up here: Peer Tutoring Sign Up Form

Jags Den 
New for the 2018-19 year!)

Jags Den is a brand new middle school before and after school tutoring and homework support program. It is supervised by Ms. Durham and Ms. Goral and is staffed by the NJCU teacher interns. Jags Den is intended to allow students to come and receive the extra time they need on their homework assignments, to work on group projects, to have access to internet/computers/printer, to get extra math help, or to help with organizational skills.

Read more about it (and SIGN UP) here!

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