Ms. Schwartz's Class

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My name is Ms. Schwartz, and I have taught at

LCCS since 2004. I love teaching 2nd grade.

It's a "light bulb" year where so much in math,

reading, and writing clicks for each child in

their own individual way. I enjoy reading,

going to the movies, and exploring NYC &

Hudson County.



In 2nd grade at LCCS, we have so many wonderful units to look forward to! These studies will include class discussions, exploration through literature & articles, field trips, hands-on experiments, and culminating projects.


From Seed to Plant/From Farm to Market/Market to Family Recipes: September - December


We complete the unit by becoming an expert of a specific fruit or vegetable. We then create a working, in-school farmer’s market. We will also have a multicultural family recipe celebration and write a detailed report about our special recipe, while also learning about each other’s unique family culture and heritage.


The Three States of Matter: January – February


The culminating project is a collaborative art mural depicting solids, liquids, and gases.


Weather and Erosion: March - April


We end the unit by participating in design challenges aiming to prevent wind or water from changing the shape of the land.


Habitats: May - June

The culminating project will be determined by the students! Special Classes: The students enjoy many wonderful specials at LCCS. For the 2019-2020 school year- Monday: PE and Art Tuesday: Music Wednesday: Spanish Thursday: Technology & Music Friday: Art and PE

Homework Expectations:

Math Homework is given out nightly and due the following day.

A Reading Log is handed out on Monday and is due back on Friday.

Spelling Words are given out on Monday and should be practiced each night for our Friday spelling & math quiz.