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Ms Amanda & Ms Nicole
Welcome You To
PreK Room B-7

Our Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Study!!

Dear Preschool Families,

 Trash and garbage are all around us. We find rubbish and waste in our homes, on the streets and in the places we work and play. We pay more attention to garbage when it becomes a problem. But then we often forget about the ever-present challenge of dealing with trash and garbage.

 Children are fascinated by what is in garbage cans and often pick up trash against our wishes. This natural curiosity provides a good starting point for finding out what happens to trash after it’s thrown away and exploring the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling.

We need your help gathering items to investigate.

We’ll need many different objects and pictures related to trash and garbage. We will begin our study by collecting them. Here’s a list of suggested items, but you may also send in others not on the list as long as they are clean and safe.




garbage–trash cans

recycling bins–boxes

trash–garbage bags

compost containers–bins

paper shredder

can crushers



litter and trash in various places

dumps and landfills

garbage trucks

street-cleaning vehicles

sanitation workers

recycling centers


public trash receptacles

 You can also bring in things for us to sort in our own recycling bins!

Paper towel rolls, empty plastic containers, cans with dull edges, empty packaging, fabric scraps, leftover wrapping paper, rinsed tinfoil, old telephones or radios without batteries, wood scraps, empty spools, rinsed milk cartons, old magazines, bottle tops... possibilities are endless!

 Please rinse out and clean anything that comes to school!


 What You Can Do at Home

 Talk with your child about trash and garbage. Help raise your child’s awareness of the kinds of trash and garbage your family creates each day. If you dispose of your trash at a dump or landfill, take your child along to see where the trash goes. Borrow some library books about trash, garbage, and recycling. If you recycle at home, help your child take responsibility for sorting items into your family’s recycling boxes.

When you are outside with your child and you notice a piece of trash on the ground, point it out and talk about it. For example, say, “I wonder why someone dropped that candy wrapper on the ground. Is it supposed to be there? Is there a better place to put it?”


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Study Wow Experiences


     Investigation 1- A walk around the school

     Investigation 2- Interview with a school custodian and a tour of the path the trash takes through the school

     Investigation 3- A litter walk around the school

     Investigation 4- A visit from a family member who plays a musical instrument.

     Celebration- To be announced.

 Please let us know if you would like to come in for a WOW! Experience.




 Thank you for your support!
Ms Amanda and Ms Nicole