Ms. Marchesani

beachballMay 25, 2018

Dear Families,

 We are beginning our ball study. All children are very interested in balls. They’re curious about different kinds of balls, how people use balls, what they are made of, what is inside them, and how high they can bounce.

 Why study balls? Children LOVE balls! They play with them in many different ways. They throw them, kick them, and roll then with endless delight. Children learn how natural forces, such as gravity and friction, affect the movement of balls and they enjoy making balls, marbles and other rolling objects change speed and direction.

 If you can, we would like your help in gathering a collection of balls to investigate. We’ll need a variety of balls. Here’s a list of suggestions, but you may also send in balls that are not on the list. We’ll take good care of them. Please mark the balls with your child’s name so we can return them to you at the end of the study.

Beach ball 

baseball, basketball, beach ball, bowling ball, cotton ball, crystal ball, doggie ball, football, golf ball, kickball, Koosh® ball, marble, ping-pong ball, pool (billiard) ball, racquetball, soccer ball, tennis ball, volleyball, WIFFLE® ball


What You Can Do at Home

 Spend time with your child, playing with balls of all shapes, types, and sizes, such as playground balls, tennis balls, ping-pong balls, Koosh® balls, volleyballs, baseballs, footballs, and marbles. Talk about what the balls are made of, whether they are heavy or light, and whether they are big or little.

 Wonder aloud with your child to encourage his or her thinking about balls. For example, you might ask, “I wonder what’s inside a tennis ball. I wonder how far you can throw a foil ball, a beach ball, or a tennis ball. How can we find out?”

 Help your child use all of his or her senses when playing with balls. You might ask, “What does it look like? Feel like? Sound like? Smell like?”

 See how many types of balls you can find around the house and in your neighborhood.

 Play a game while riding in the car, bus, or train. Think of all the words that contain the word ball in them. Look for examples of balls around you.

 SUGGESTED WOW! Experiences

  • Family member to play a ball game 
  • Family member or LCCS staff who plays a sport
  • Visit to a sporting goods store or family who works in a store that sells balls
  • Visitor who knows how to use an exercise ball
  • Visitor who can juggle
  • Pet that uses a ball


Thank you,

Pre-K Team