Ms. Marchesani

Ms Amanda & Ms Nicole
Welcome You To
PreK Room B-7

The First Six Weeks Study

The start of a new school year is filled with mixed emotions - excitement, anticipation and even a touch of nerves for most students and their families. In the PreK we address these feelings by giving our students time to settle in, become familiar with the classroom, and get to know teachers and their school. 

The children study their new environment using Focus Questions developed by Creative Curriculum and by following the inquiries and interests of the students. The following are Focus Questions presented to our students:

What names do we need to know at school?
What should we do if we get scared or sad?
What are our rules?
When do things happen at school?
Who works at our school?
How do we make and keep friends?

We hope you will use these questions along with our weekly Friday Newsletter to initiate conversations with your child about their experiences in school. 

We are off and running and looking forward to a beautiful year of work and play together!