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"Learning is not a race for information,
it’s a walk of discovery." 
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We are currently working on…

The Building Study

This study builds upon their natural interest to understand the world around them. Young children are very curious about buildings. They want to know how they are constructed and what people do inside of them. I know the kids are mesmerized by large construction equipment that moves massive piles of earth or hoists a steel beam high in the sky. 
This study offers many firsthand opportunities to explore buildings. The children will expand their knowledge and understanding of building material and physical force. They will also explore concepts in social studies related to shelter, jobs and the purpose of different structures.  

Please let me know if you, or someone you know, have any connections in the building or construction world!

WOW! Experiences coming up
Week of March 27th– Walk around the school building
Week of April 3rd- Walk around our school neighborhood
Week of April 17th- Visit from someone who works in the construction field
Week of April 25th- Walk around our school neighborhood
Week of May 1st- A walk about the inside of our school building

  • An in-depth investigation of an interesting feature of the school
  • A visit from someone, such as a maintenance worker or handyman

Building Study Celebration will be held:                     
Friday, May 12th @ 
2:30pm in the classroom.
Important Dates: 
April 7th- Half Day 12:00pm pick up
April 10th-14th School Closed for Spring Break
May 5th Pre-k / Kindergarten Prom 6:00pm-7:30pm (auditorium)
May 12th Building Study Celebration @2:30pm  Room B-7