7th Grade SS

Welcome Back 7th Graders!  On this page, you will find your homework assignments and any other announcements for 7th grade Social Studies.  Please read and review the course syllabus here.

​Please note:​  Some assignments may appear on website BEFORE they are assigned in class.  Don't worry!!  You can always refer back to your planner to make sure you are on schedule with assignments.

Homework (listed with most recent at the top)

NHD: Final Topic Form in GC - Due Tues 11/28

Islam Stereotype Q in GC-
Due Wed 11/22

Unit Test: Middle Ages - Tuesday 11/14

Finish notes for Section 5.3 - Due Tues 11/7

Question in G.C. (Feud - Towns) due Fri 11/3

Knights Templars Slides
- due Tues 10/31

Quiz on Tues 10/31 - Study Guide in G.C.

Complete Form in GC for NHD by Fri 10/27

Knights Templars Organizer - Due Fri 10/27

Shield, Coat of Arms, Q in GC
- Due Wed 10/15

Question in GC (Med. Medicine)
-Due Fri 10/20

Med. Life Daily Diary (in GC)
 - Due Wed 10/18

Finish Notes for 4.2 - 4.5 - Due Tues 10/17

Acrostic Poem (in G.C.) -  Due Fri 10/13

Finish Notes 3.2 - 3.5   - Due Wed 10/11

Western Eur. During Mid. Ages - Tues 10/10

Finish Feudalism Report Card -Due Tues 10/10

Secret History  (G.C.) - Due Tues 10/3

Open Notes Quiz: Rome/Byzantine Empire
on Tuesday 10/3

Fall of Rome Essay (in G.C.) -
Due Fri 9/27

Illustrated Timeline (info in GC)
-Due Fri 9/15


​Remember to study!  Pop Quizzes are always possible!

Binder Checks  rubric

Today In History (TIH):
1st Trimester - 5 due by 11/10
2nd Trimester - 7 due by 3/9
3rd Trimester 5 due by 6/12