Enrichment Resources
Enrichment Homework:
All enrichment homework is done in addition to normal classroom homework. Enrichment homework is not required. If a student/ parent wants additional work, the items below help students add creativity into what we are currently learning in class. Enrichment homework does not count towards your child's normal homework grade. Enrichment homework is not graded. The enrichment homework is reviewed by the teacher then shared with the class (if the student wishes to share). 

- Create a PowerPoint review game for the class to use during rotations and/or to review for an assessment. PowerPoint presentations must introduce all topics, give an example of each type of problem, then ask game questions. PowerPoint presentation games should have a minimum of 3 slides or a maximum of 12 slides. 

- Create a student created anchor chart to hang in the classroom. The chart must introduce at least two key math vocabulary words and show examples of the math vocabulary. 

- Create a hands on project using manipulatives found around the house. These manipulatives can be items such as stickers, noodles, beads, string, etc. The manpulatives show representation of the math concepts. Such as if a student is explaining an array for 6 x 4, the student could put 6 rows of 4 stickers in each to show math representation.

- A great way to get students writing is for them to start them with sentence starters. If you want your child to write more, have them click on this link (http://writingexercises.co.uk/children/first-line-for-a-story.php), write down the first sentence, and then finish the story! The writing prompts can be submitted through their student email, a personal writing journal, or on a sheet of paper. 

Online Resources 

For all websites, students have the same login & password combination. Logins and passwords will be given out during September. The login and passwords will be recorded in students' Homework Nightly Writing Journal.