Class Rules

Our classroom is built around community. Every student has a weekly “job” to feel a sense of responsibility and pride in the classroom family. 

We are a Whole-Brain Teaching classroom. Students will learn through engaging in critical thinking activities.

Each day we will begin our day with a classroom morning meeting. These 5 minutes are dedicated to building community in our classroom. We will go over our five rules the students set on the first day, track goals, 
discuss accomplishments, and get to learn about one another outside of the classroom setting. 

My goal is to not only help your child be a great student, but to be a great person as well. I am confident that with our love and support they will find success.

Our classroom rules: 

1. Follow Directions Quickly
2. Raise Hand for Permission to Speck
3. Raise Hand for Permission to Leave your seat 
4. Make Smart Choices
5. Make your Dear Class Happy

In addition to the class rules, whole brain teaching follows a model of using movements to help remember concepts and curriculum vocabulary. These movements are student created.