8th Grade Science Curriculum

Joan Buonafide                                                                                                               September 2017

8th Grade Science Overview

 The "essential question" that will underlie 8th grade science this year is: what forces exist in nature, and what are their effects? Our primary focus will be chemistry and physics, although we will also discuss several topics in geology.  Curriculum highlights are below:

* Geology

-geologic time   –evolution        -dinosaurs

* Data Analysis and Measurement

-lab reports       -measures of central tendency   -graphing (creating & interpreting)
-metric measurements   -temperature

* States of matter/Atomic structure

-density                    -mixtures & compounds             -physical & chemical properties/changes
-parts of an atom           -periodic table

* Physics

-waves                          -electromagnetic spectrum
-electricity & magnetism

Supply List

Students should bring the following supplies to class each day:

-marble composition notebook
-science folder (with a small supply of loose leaf and graph paper)
-pens/pencils    -colored pencils -highlighter

Grades are determined as follows:

     50% Tests/quizzes/major projects or papers
     35% Homework (lab reports, readings, questions)
     15% behavior/effort/participation

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Best way to reach me is by EMAIL: jbuonafide@lccsnj.org