7th Grade Science Curriculum

Joan Buonafide                                                                                                                           September 2017

7th Grade Science Overview

Seventh grade science will be an in-depth study of life sciences. The essential question at the core of our studies is: What is necessary for any organism/community to be successful in its environment? Topics include:

* Data Analysis and Measurement

-qualitative and quantitative data            -scientific method
-lab reports                                           -data and data tables
-metric system                                       -measures of central tendency (mean, mode, median)
-bar vs. line graphs

* Characteristics of Life

-life processes                                          -cell theory
-plant and animal cells                               -compound light microscope
-taxonomy                                                -binomial nomenclature
-bacteria and viruses

* Genetics

-genes and chromosomes                           -dominant and recessive traits
-genotype and phenotype                           -Punnett Squares
-phases of the Cell Cycle                             -mutations
-genetic engineering                                   -Mendelian genetics

* Living Things

-populations & communities


Supply List

Students should bring the following supplies to class each day:

- marble composition notebook
- science folder (with a small supply of loose leaf and graph paper)
- pens/pencils           - colored pencils       - highlighter

Grades are determined as follows:

50% Tests/quizzes/major projects or papers
35% Homework (lab reports, readings, questions)
15% behavior/effort/participation

Please contact me with questions or concerns. Best way to reach me is by email: jbuonafide@lccsnj.org