Ms. Van Der Horn

Welcome to Kindergarten...

We are Super Heroes with Heart!

This year, we will use our "super" powers of kindness, love, and respect to become super heroes with heart.

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, May 31st  Field Day
Students need to wear blue shirts.

Friday, June 1st  A Sweet Surprise

Thursday, June 7th Class Insect Museum
Come visit our classroom at 2:30 p.m. to see all we have learned about insects this year. 

Wednesday, June 13th  Kindergarten Luau
at 1:00 p.m. in the LCCS Auditorium

Friday, June 15th Class Bubble Day.
We will explore the science behind bubbles and just have a fun time experimenting with them This is a day-long event for the students in K-VDH. 

We are Readers!
We have been learning how great readers interact with books. We use the cover to help us find out information about the book. We can also use the pictures to help us understand what is happening in the story. If we cannot read the words, we can use the pictures to tell us the story. We have been looking for details on the cover of the book and in the pictures to predict what will happen in the story. We are also building great reading habits by discussing favorite authors/characters and connecting the story we read to our own lives. 

We are Writers!
We know that great writers can tell stories using words and pictures. We have learned about adding details to our work to help the reader understand what we are trying to say. We have added details to our illustrations and used what we know about words to make our stories the best they can be! We have also learned that stories happen in sequence, and we have practiced ordering the events of our stories. 

We are Problem Solvers!
In Math, we use what we know about numbers to help us solve problems and think about numbers in different ways. We have been learning the meaning of place value as we count each day of school. We are starting to express numbers in different ways (2+5=3+4). We have also practiced counting and writing our numbers. We have been playing games to help us recognize and make numbers. We have practiced counting items. We even solved our first open-ended (more than one answer) story problem. 

We are Members of our Community!
We are learning what it means to be a part of a community. There are many different people and places that make a community what it is. We are learning the importance of this as we become active members in our community. We have been discussing the different community helpers who make our community what it is. These people help us, keep us safe, and make our lives better. 

Be a Bucket Filler
In class this week, we read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  by Carol McCloud. We discussed the importance of filling someone's bucket by being kind, loving, and respectful. We all pledged to be bucket fillers, and not bucket dippers. Ask your child what it means to be a bucket filler. We will continue to talk about this as the weeks go on. 

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Scholastic Book Clubs
We will send home a Scholastic flyer every month. You can also check out if you are interested in ordering books for your child. Scholastic offers a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books, as well as leveled readers and games. Plus, each time you order, you earn points and FREE BOOKS for our classroom! Our class code for online ordering is H7PB8.

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