After PARCC April Schedule - Math Homework 

PARCC (4/23)
No Homework 
 PARCC (4/24)
No Homework
PARCC Makeups (4/25)
No Homework
PARCC Makeups (4/26)
No Homework
Step Up 1 (4/30)
# 1-5
Step Up 2 (5/1)
Step Up 3 (5/2)
# 1 - 6
Step Up 4 (5/3)
# 1-4
Step Up 5 (5/7)
# 1-4
Step Up 6 (5/8)
# 1-5
Step Up 7 (5/9)
# 1-3
Step Up 1 (5/10)
# 1-8

Assessment Date will be on Friday, May 11th. 

Homework is extremely beneficial to your child’s education. It is very important that homework is completed each night.

Online Homework Option 
- Math Homework Assigned on PearsonRealize.com - same homework assignment, just online to practice computer fluency 
- Reading Homework - email summary to mtainter@lccsnj.org. This is allow me to edit and give back comments each night to help improve the weekly writing stamina. 

Reading/ Writing Homework  
language arts, students will be required to read a minimum of 20 minutes every night. Once done reading, your child will complete an assignment in their nightly journal. Journals will be turned in every Friday. Students will receive extra points if journal is signed by a parent or guardian.  

Math Homework
In math, students will be given a handout every day. Math homework will be turned in daily. 

Weekend Homework 
There will be no weekend homework except to read 20 minutes one to two times. No writing responses will be required over the weekend. 

PARCC PREP HOMEWORK - Beginning in March - Complete Packet Due on Friday, April 27th
Beginning 30 school days before the PARCC, students will receive PARCC Prep Packets. These packets will consist of one ELA and one math worksheet to review for PARCC Assessments. The parcc homework is not required but students will receive prizes and rewards for completing additional practice.