Below is our class schedule. Here is a breakdown of core classes:

Reading & Writing
ELA consists of a 20 minute whole class mini-lesson, and three 20 minute student guided rotations. During rotations, students will work in small groups, with a partner-work, and individually. Every day students will meet with reading groups at teacher table (with Ms. Tainter) or literature circle (student-guided learning). ELA is based around the Daily 5/CAFE model. Students will individually work towards a reading goal in either Comprehension (C), Accuracy (A), Fluency (F), or Expanded Vocabulary (E). During Daily 5, when students are not with reading groups, students will choose two rotations from: READ TO SELF, READ TO SOMEONE, WORD WORK, WORK ON WRITING, or LISTEN TO READING. 

On Monday & Tuesday, math consists of a 5 minute critical thinking review warm up, 20 minute minute lesson, and either a 20 minute independent practice or teacher table. On double block days, Wednesday - Friday, math will consist of a 10 minute critical thinking review warm up, 20 minute minute lesson, and three 20 minute math centers. Math centers will have teacher table, math with manipulatives, and fluency practice/ math games. 

Genius Hour
On Mondays, students will have 45 minutes to work on student created projects. Projects will be centered around ELA, MATH, or SCIENCE NJ Standards. Students will work with Ms. Tainter to create a project related to curriculum subject area they are interested in. 

Touchstones is a discussion-based program to develop thinking and collaboration at the highest levels for all students, regardless of their economic or educational background. 

Reading Buddies 
1st Grade with Ms. Russo's Class 

Class Schedule