Ms. Russo

Bookworm.png First Grade News!

Welcome to Ms. Russo's First Grade Class! I am so excited to be your teacher! Please use this website as a reference for important dates, field trips, spelling words, schedules etc.! Feel free to email me with any questions at

* Please refer to the "Useful links" tab for important notices! *

If it is your week to send in snacks for the class, please make sure to send in any necessary utensils needed for the snack. THANK YOU!


Special Schedule 2017-2018:

Monday- Gym (wear sneakers) & Art
Tuesday- Music
Wednesday- Gym (wear sneakers) & Music
Thursday- Spanish
Friday- Art


Important Dates: February 6th - half day with Apollo

What are we learning in First Grade?

ReadingIn Reading Workshop, we practiced our reading strategies and took assessments on these reading strategies.

MathIn Math, we learned two place value games (bundle compare and ten more/ten less)

Science/Social Studies

In science, we are working on light and sound. Last week, we created cup/string telephones to listen to sound vibrations.
Word Study: This week we are beginning to learn about the "Fszl" rule. This rule helps us to understand why we add double letters after short vowel sounds.

Writing WorkshopIn Writing Workshop, we finished publishing our Opinion books.

Here is a look at our Busy Week!


Spelling Words

Please have your child spell and write these words every night.  There will be a spelling quiz every Friday on the words.

This Week's Words

fly away put opaque

Last Week's Words

right ever read reflect


*Homework Announcement*

There are daily homework worksheets that are sent home Monday through Thursday.  These worksheets should be completed and returned the following day of when it was sent home.  For example, Monday's worksheet will be completed and returned on Tuesday morning. Your child will also bring home a book to read Monday-Thursday.  This book should be returned the following morning as well.  After your child has read his/her book, please log it into his/her reading journal (see below).

On Mondays, there is an OPTIONAL challenge problem and a reading log sent home.  These two worksheets are to be completed and returned on Monday morning.  

Any questions about homework please email me at ________________________________________

Snack and Birthdays

To help keep germs away, I would like to have snack individualized for the students.  For example, if you purchase a big box of goldfish the goldfish must be placed into 20 zip lock bags for each student to have.

First Grade will no longer celebrate birthdays with "cake."  If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday, please donate a book to our library.  A family member may also want to read a story to the class in honor of the student's birthday.  Please email your teacher to set up a date.