Ms. Megaro

Ms. Megaro
Room 101

Please join our google classroom.  Here are the steps to join:
1.  Login to google using your child's email address and password
2.  Click on the google apps
3.  Click on google classroom
4.  Add our google classroom code found on curriculum night packet

Please email me if you have any trouble logging in.

Please complete and return information packet that was handed out during curriculum night.
Email me if you need another packet.

Here is a look at our Busy Week! 


Spelling Words
Please have your child spell and write these words every night.  There will be a spelling quiz every Friday on the words.
This Week's Words
Last Week's Words

Plus your child's four special words.

Reading Workshop

In Reading Workshop, we learned story elements. We learned where the setting in a story takes place. Also, we learned who the characters are and how to find the main character.

Writing Workshop

In Writing Workshop, we began our new unit, persuasive writing. We learned what an opinion is. Also, we created a list of places we like and dislike.

Math Workshop

In Math, we learned subtraction. We played roll and record and five in a row. We learned how to use different strategies to subtract while playing these games.


Community Study

We began our new unit, Light and Sound. We discussed what we already know and what we want to know about Light and Sound.

Word Study

We learned the short u sound. We read a poem called, "To Sup Like a Pup." We highlighted the short u sound in the poem.

Important Dates
December 22---​Half Day ​December 25-January 1​--No School

Important Notes
Please cc Nurse Monya ( if your child will be absent from school due to any illness.

Homework Announcement
There are daily homework worksheets that are sent home Monday through Thursday.  These worksheets should be completed and returned the following day of when it was sent home.  For example, Monday's worksheet will be completed and returned on Tuesday morning. Your child will also bring home a book to read Monday-Thursday.  This book should be returned the following morning as well.  After your child has read his/her book, please log it into his/her reading journal (see below). 
On Mondays, there is an OPTIONAL challenge problem and a reading log sent home.  These two worksheets are to be completed and returned on Monday morning. 

Any questions about homework please email me

Specials Schedule
Monday-P.E. and Art (wear sneakers)
Wednesday-P.E. and Spanish (wear sneakers)


Snack and Birthdays
To help keep germs away, I would like to have snack individualized for the students.  For example, if you purchase a big box of goldfish the goldfish must be placed into 20 zip lock bags for each student to have.

First Grade will longer celebrate birthdays with "cake."  If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday, please donate a book to our library.  A family member may also want to read a story to the class in honor of the student's birthday.  Please email your teacher to set up a date.

First grade is accepting any child friendly magazines!  Please bring any magazines you are willing to donate in with your child.
Thank you!