Group Counseling @ LCCS
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At Learning Community Charter School, group counseling is vital in the delivery of the ASCA National Model to our student population, as part of an effective comprehensive school counseling program supported by the school administration. 

The reason we have various groups at LCCS is because we believe it is important that we have our students working on shared tasks and developing supportive relationships in a group setting. Our groups provide our students with a direct service for academic, social-emotional or situational concerns. Through communication, cooperation and research-based activities, our group members are able to achieve healthier personal adjustment, cope with stress and address their unique needs. 


Anger Management (1st & 2nd grade)

Group sessions to help students learn how to identify and appropriately express their anger through creative techniques.



Providing students with the tools they need to overcome their anxious feelings.
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EmpowerMENt (7th grade)

Helping young men cope with social-emotional & behavioral concerns.

Gay-Straight Alliance (5th-8th grade)

Small group sessions to create allyship and support for LGBTQ students.

G.I.R.L. Power (3rd & 4th grade)

Small group sessions to help empower our young girls to become leaders with high

Making and Keeping Friends

Reflecting on the characteristics of good friends.

Mentorship (7th grade)

1-year duration. 7th grade, male students are partnered with community mentors.

Social Skills (Pre-K)

Lessons to build an understanding of positive school behaviors & peer interaction.