Spanish Club Registration Form

                                        Spanish Club Registration Form
Dear LCCS Parents/Guardians of 4th & 5th Grade Spanish Students: Your child is interested in joining the 2016-2017 Spanish Club. Our club will meet every other Friday during lunch and recess (6th block). The mission of our Spanish Club is to enhance the World Language experience through various culturally authentic activities which will include the areas of Arts & Crafts, Games, Food, Music, Art Appreciation and Dance!
1. Please fill out the required information below.
2. A parent/guardian must sign and date it.
3. Return it to Señora Kelly as soon as possible.
Only the first 27 forms returned will be part of this year’s Spanish Club. My classroom has limited seating and space, otherwise all would be welcome.
4. Parents: Please check my school page to see a list of items and supplies we need donated for our Spanish Club activities.
Gracias, Señora Kelly
1. Name________________________________Class Seccion_________ 2. Please list 3 reasons why you would like to join Spanish Club: A.__________________________________________________________B.__________________________________________________________C.__________________________________________________________ Parent Name_________________________________________________ Parent Signature_____________________________________________