Dear LCCS Students and Parents,


I’m Cuilian Shi (Lotus Shi), the lucky teacher who finally became a member of the 16 Chinese exchange teachers visiting American schools via TCLP program (Teachers of Critical Languages Program sponsored by the US State Department) . I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to join LCCS and work on the new Chinese Mandarin program for the 2016-2017 school year!

As a vital and widely used language in Asia, it is becoming more and more important for kids to take Chinese as one of their second languages. Thus, the first objective of the Chinese program this year should be to enable the beginners to make simple communications in Chinese with others in everyday topics, which will probably cover 200-240 Chinese characters, expressions and sentence patterns. During the 1st trimester, in order to inspire them bit by bit, we’re going to mainly focus on listening and speaking skills on certain topics while adding in knowledge about phonetic symbols bit by bit. During the 2nd trimester, there will be short passages with expressions we have learned. Writing is not mandatory, but it’s necessary for them to recognize the characters as soon as they see them.

Besides this, we will cover cultural topics for kids including famous Chinese folk tales (like stories of Monkey King), cultivating foodies of Chinese food, and varieties of Chinese festivals like Teachers’ Day, Mid-autumn Day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival (Pure Brightness), Dragon Boat Festival, etc.

To activate and maintain kids’ curiosities and interests in Chinese language and culture, the learning process of Mandarin is going to be organized in a variety of communicative ways like interpretive, interpersonal and presential modes.

Here is my E-mail address: . If you have any questions, please don’t hestitate to contact me.  I’m always there trying to help. Welcome to Chinese Class in LCCS!


Cuilian Shi (Lotus Shi)