Week of December 9th:
Monday, December 9th:enVision_G5_05_04_AP.pdf

Week of December 2nd:
Monday, December 2nd:12.2 Homework.pdf
Tuesday, December 3rd: Topic 4 test corrections
Wednesday, December 4th: finish benchmark
assessment (on Google Classroom)
Thursday, December 5th: enVision_G5_05_02_AP.pdf

Graded Multiplication Homework: 
Multiplication Word Problems.pdf

"If I Had a Million Dollars..." Project is due
Friday, November 22nd!

Topic 4 Test: Multiplying Decimals
will be on Monday, November 25th!

Study Guide is due on Friday, 11/22!

Week of November 18th:
Monday, November 18th:  enVision_G5_04_06_AP.pdf
Tuesday, November 19th: enVision_G5_04_07_AP.pdf
Wednesday, November 20th: enVision_G5_04_08_AP.pdf
Thursday, November 21st: enVision_G5_04_09_AP.pdf

Week of November 4th:
Monday, November 4th: enVision_G5_04_02_AP.pdf
Tuesday, November 5th: Start working on Million Dollar Project (on Google Classroom)
Wednesday, November 6th:  enVision_G5_04_03_AP.pdf

Thursday, November 7th: enVision_G5_04_04_AP.pdf

Weekly Meal Plan Budget.pdf

Weekly Meal Plan Budget.pdf

Needs_Wants Monthly Budgeting Sheet.docx

Financial Review.docx

Advisory Budget List.docx

Personal Budget.xlsx  or Personal Budget - Sheet1 (2).pdf

Personal Budget Sample.pdf
(This is what your budget should look like. There is one small mistake. Can you figure out what it is? Hint: look at the savings!)