Snack List
At Learning Community Charter School, the students receive a snack break each day. Each week, a different family is responsible for providing healthy snacks for the entire class. I will assign a week to each family. You will find the master list below.

As a school, we are requesting that snack items be pre-packaged in individual serving bags. To avoid illnesses like the flu and common cold, the students will not be eating from a central table container, but rather from individual portions. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always appreciated, however there is not time during the day to clean and cut the fruit. Therefore, fruits and vegetables have to come ready to be served in separate baggies. There are 22 students in our class. Many thanks in advance for your help with this!

We also ask that if any snack items require plastic spoons or forks you bring those in as well.

Lastly, due to allergies, please do not send any snack containing nuts or common allergens.

Thank you for helping our students have a healthy snack break! 

Snack List

Ms. Lebron