Ms Westley (Reading specialist)

Books.pngWelcome to Ms. Westley's Webpage!

What is Early Intervention?
Early Intervention is a program started at LCCS in order to help move students up to grade level.  Students are chosen based on teacher recommendations and test scores.  It is not Special Education.  Students chosen are generally almost on grade level, but could use a little extra push in certain areas.  The goal is for students to receive small group instruction in reading and writing or math for a period of time and then be exited out of the program.  This instruction should not take place during their regular reading or writing or math times.  Students meet with me at least three times a week (ideally five days a week).

Homework:  My Early Intervention students in grades 1-4 will receive homework almost every night.  Each student has a folder or bag with my name on it that should be coming home with your child.  For grades 1-3 I write the homework on a homework sheet in order for you to see what the homework assigned for that evening is.  Fourth grade students are responsible for remembering their homework which is usually a packet given on Monday and due the following Monday.  Fifth grade students only get homework if they are making up work from an absence and should write their homework in their planner.

Homework can take many forms: it is usually a worksheet, a book to read, or a written assignment.  I understand that life gets very hectic sometimes so if your child is unable to complete their homework, simply write a note on the homework sheet so that I know they are excused for that evening.  If you have questions about the homework, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Summer Homework (optional):
Many of my students received a summer homework packet with summer reading bingo and a writing journal.  Students who return this homework to me in the fall will receive a small prize!



Ricky the Reading Dog:  Most of my students get the chance to work with Ricky, our LCCS therapy and reading dog.  Studies have shown that reluctant readers can improve their reading skills by reading to animals in a stress free environment.  Ricky is usually here at LCCS twice a week and helps students in need of some TLC, but his other job to help us improve our fluency in reading.  He is hypo-allergenic and loves kids.  If you would not like your child to read with Ricky, please let me know.  Each grade group usually gets to visit Ricky at least once a month.


A little bit about me:  After previously being a classroom teacher at LCCS for ten years, I have been an Early Intervention Reading Teacher and Literacy Coach here for 5 years.  I am an Orton Gillingham certified instructor and have a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education from NYU.  I am also a certified Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Specialist.

If you have any questions at all about our work or about reading in general, please feel free to contact me at  My room is located on the 3rd floor in room 321 (in the hallway next to Mr. Melendez' office).