Ms. Manno


Ms. Marissa Manno
Ms. Holly Romanek

Room 109



Trash and garbage are all around us. We find rubbish and waste in our homes, on the streets and in the places we work and play. We pay more attention to garbage when it becomes a problem. But then we often forget about the ever-present challenge of dealing with trash and garbage.

Children are fascinated by what is in garbage cans and often pick up trash against our wishes. This natural curiosity provides a good starting point for finding out what happens to trash after it’s thrown away and exploring the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling.

It's time to discover new ways to recycle! For the next few weeks, we'll be uncovering and learning about recycling and the benefits of our efforts for this world. We think studying how to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE garbage will engage the children to something they are already familiar with.

We will learn new concepts and develop thinking skills that will help us observe, investigate, and solve problems.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Study Wow Experiences


  • Investigation 1- A walk around the school
  • Investigation 2- Interview with a school custodian and a tour of the path the trash takes through the school
  • Investigation 3- A litter walk around the school
  • Investigation 4- A visit from a family member who plays a musical instrument.
  • Celebration- To be announced.