Ms. Canete

Welcome to Seventh Grade ELA!


7-1 Due Monday 1/22:
Complete the Rising Action of your Original Myth on Google Classroom


In this class, we are:


a community

good listeners

respectful & encouraging

not perfect, but


leaders by example



the kind of people who raise others up


 “choose kind”

Please join ClassDojo for weekly updates on your child's progress and to see what we're learning in class! Students have their codes & parent code forms, and I have sent out e-mails and texts from information on Realtime. If you still need to get connected, please e-mail me at for your code!

Homework Due Dates

7B & 7G: Personal Narrative brainstorm & planner

3/24 (all classes)

PARCC Writing Prompts (choose 3 to mark up and complete)