Ms. Canete

Welcome to Seventh Grade ELA!


HW Due Friday 10/27/17 (7-1 ONLY)
- Complete Narrative Draft 2
- Complete "The Garden of Eden/The Monkey Garden" chart. It is labeled "HW" and "Classwork," but all of it is HW since we didn't get to do it in class.

Due Thursday 10/24/17
- Finish revising Narrative Draft 2

Due Tuesday 10/24/17
(7-2, 7-3): One vignette in The House on Mango Street shares many similarities with the story of "The Garden of Eden" from the Bible. Read the text and answer the questions. Complete ONLY the HW section.

(ALL CLASSES): Complete the first draft of your Personal Narrative

Due Tuesday 10/17:
Newsela article "Trump ends DACA program"

Due Monday 10/16/17:
Newsela article on El Paso - Juarez

(7-2, 7-3) Due Tuesday 10/10/17
Las Vegas shooting Newsela annotations & quiz

HW Due Thursday 10/5/17
Complete the Mango Street Journal Topics PART ONE

Due 10/2/17- 
7-2 & 7-3: Take a detailed picture of something or someone in your life. It should be focused very closely on one feature (i.e. not just you and a friend hanging out, but their hair, their hands, their shoes, etc). Be prepared to show it on your phone. If you don't have a phone, e-mail the picture to Ms. Canete

Due Thurs 9/14/17 - "The Bear That Wasn't" plot handout (on back of plot notes). Describe the different plots parts of the short story in each box.  Due Fri 9/15/17 - 9/11 Interview - Syllabus signed


In this class, we are:


a community

good listeners

respectful & encouraging

not perfect, but


leaders by example



the kind of people who raise others up


 “choose kind”

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Homework Due Dates

7B & 7G: Personal Narrative brainstorm & planner

3/24 (all classes)

PARCC Writing Prompts (choose 3 to mark up and complete)