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Mr. Melendez
Welcome back to LCCS Physical Education! We have PE twice a week. Please remember to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity. 

Learning Community Charter School Physical Education Department (Grades K-5th)

Regular Physical Activity is an important way to maintain and improve one's physical health. Students who participate in physical education are much more likely to become a healthy adult and continue lifetime physical activities. There are four aspects of physical education benefits for the primary and secondary education students. These four aspects are physical, mental, social, and emotional. The physical aspects are improvements in cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. The mental aspects of physical education classes are to set goals, improved confidence in one's skills and to be able to assume leadership roles. The social aspects of physical education are learning teamwork and cooperation, building friendships, respecting others, discipline around peers, and social responsibility and growth. The emotional aspects of physical education are learning how to deal with pressure and defeat.

Studies show that increased physical activity can lead to higher academic success.

*For more information on our PE Curriculum visit  

*Visit for fun active videos student’s can do at home

*Search Tabata H.I.I.T online and youtube to get moving at home

-Please remember that students must wear sneakers to participate fully in PE class.

LCCS Elementary Physical Education schedule:

Sneakers should be worn or brought to school on the two days listed below.



Porter: Tuesday and Wednesday

Smith: Tuesday and Wednesday

Finn: Monday and Wednesday

1st Grade

Hittner: Wednesday and Thursday

Megaro: Wednesday and Thursday

Russo: Wednesday and Thursday

2nd Grade

Schwartz: Thursday and Friday

Lebron: Thursday and Friday

Sunshine: Tuesday and Thursday

3rd Grade

Waxman: Tuesday and Wednesday

Antczak: Tuesday and Wednesday

Lefkowitz: Monday and Wednesday

4th Grade

Registe: Thursday and Friday

Mulholland: Monday and Friday

Errico: Thursday and Friday