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 respect week 1

Week of Respect at LCCS 
October 3- October 7

Bully Free


We have a lot of fun and exciting things happening this year.  On this page you will find general information about the entire 4th grade. Should you need information on your child's specific class, you can find and click on the teachers' name in the sidebar to the left.

In Fourth Grade we will be working on the following: 

Daily 5 for our reading instruction. This is made of up guided as well as independent reading.

Writing Workshop
: Students work at their level on assigned writing genres. 

•Descriptive Writing
•Personal Narrative
•Writing to Explain and Learn
•Realistic Fiction
•Writing to a Prompt

Mathematics: Students will work on a variety of concepts. We use Envison as our main resources, but you will see other materials supplemented throughout. 

Science/Social Studies: We will be working on the following units this year and may be requesting supplies as we get closer to these units. 

•Electricity and Magnetism
•Government and Civics
•States and Regions 




This year students will be bringing in their own snack. This will be a working snack, meaning there is not a designated pause for snack. For that reason snack must be finger friendly (nothing that requires a fork or spoon). Please also remember that we do have allergies in the classroom so do not send in any peanut products. 

Water Bottles

Students are permitted to bring water bottles to school. Please make sure that they are labeled and limit them to one bottle.


As our children get older, birthdays become something that is celebrated more at home then at school. In an effort to maximize student learning and minimize issues with allergies, we do not celebrate birthdays in class. Students' birthdays will be announced over the loud speaker. In lieu of bring in cupcakes, if a student would like to donate their favorite book to the classroom library, they will be able to read their book to the class during read aloud and will receive a commemorative sticker acknowledging their gracious donation.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Field Trips