Ms. Megaro


Ms. Megaro
Room 101

Dear First Grade Families,
My name is Stephanie Megaro.  I have been working at LCCS since 2003.  I first started working as an after school helper and an assistant teacher.  As an assistant, I was able to learn from various teachers and work in different grades.  After, I taught Kindergarten for three years.  I have now been teaching First Grade for the past seven years.  I am also the head coach for the Girls' Basketball team for the past seven years.
In my classroom I like to promote independence.  I think it is important for students to create responsibilities on how to complete school work and homework assignments on their own.  I love to create a little "family" environment.  The students are together for many hours over the 180 days of First Grade.  We grow to love and care for each other.  We create a respectful environment which each students feels just as important as everyone else in the classroom.  Last, I love learning from the children! Your children are able to teach me so much.  Every new school year brings in a new group of students.  Your children are able to help me learn how to teach each individual child.  I love that I learn something every year with your child being in my classroom.
I am so excited to start another year at LCCS with your child being in my classroom!  I want every child to feel loved, happy, and successful when in my classroom.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the year at

Please join our Instagram class page, room_101_lccs
A permission slip will be sent home or please email me for more information on how to join this page.  

Below you will find some helpful information on our daily routines.

Homework Announcement
There are daily homework worksheets that are sent home Monday through Thursday.  These worksheets should be completed and returned the following morning of when it was sent home.  For example, Monday's worksheet will be completed and returned on Tuesday morning. Your child will also bring home a book to read Monday-Thursday.  This book should be returned the following morning as well.  After your child has read his/her book, please log it into his/her reading journal (see below). 

On Mondays, there is an OPTIONAL challenge problem.  The math challenge problem is there for you in case you want to challenge your child.  We also send home a reading log.  The reading log is kept home all week for your child to login his/her nightly reading at home.  The books you want to login are their individual reading book from the classroom or a book from home.  These two worksheets are to be completed and returned on Friday morning of each week.  

Your child will also have spelling homework.  Every Monday, your child will be sent home with a list of his/her spelling words.  Please practice these spelling words every night.  On Friday, your child will take a spelling test on these words that were sent home on Monday.  
Any questions about homework please email me

Specials Schedule
Wednesday-P.E. and Art (wear sneakers)
Thursday-P.E. and Music (wear sneakers)


Snack and Birthdays
To help keep germs away, I would like to have snack individualized for the students.  For example, if you purchase a big box of goldfish the goldfish must be placed into 22 zip lock bags for each student to have.

First Grade will longer celebrate birthdays with "cake."  If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday, please donate a book to our library.  A family member may also want to read a story to the class in honor of the student's birthday.  Please email your teacher to set up a date.

First grade is accepting any child friendly magazines!  Please bring any magazines you are willing to donate in with your child.
Thank you!