Under COVID the only sport that is planned to be operational so far this school year is Running Club, which will begin Oct. 5 and end Nov. 24. For details, please contact Information below is about our normal schedule of sports.
- Sept. 2020 

 Learning Community Charter School
is a part of the Charter School Athletic League (CSAL), which is a division of the New Jersey Education Consortium. We currently have a competitive girls' and boys' basketball team,  a co-ed soccer team, and a co-ed volleyball team,  all comprised of our middle school scholar-athletes. Additionally, in 2015, we added a 5th-8th grade cross country team/running club with an added, 2017 bonus, of a co-ed track team!

Covid Guidance
Boys basketball 

Boys' Basketball

Our Boys Basketball team is comprised of middle school students from 6th, 7th and 8th grade and is coached by Angel Melendez, who is the head coach, and Jerome Davis, who is the assistant coach.

Any questions about our boys basketball team, please contact Angel Melendez at

2019 CSAL Champions

Girls basketball
Girls' Basketball


Our girls basketball team are comprised of middle school students from 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and are coached by Jerome Davis who is  head coach,Anne Seitzinger, who is the assistant coach.

Any questions about our girls basketball team, please contact Jerome Davis,


Co-Ed Soccer

In the spring of 2014, we officially launched our first co-ed soccer team. Our soccer team is comprised of middle school students from 6th-8th grade and are coached by Daniela Betancourt,, as the head coach. Our assistant coach is Anne Seitzinger,, for the 2019-2020 school year.

Co-Ed Volleyball

In the spring of 2016, we officially launched our first co-ed volleyball team. Our volleyball team is comprised of middle school students from 6th-8th grade. Our head coach is Ms. Charlotte Carr, and is assisted by coach Franni Russo.

Any questions about our volleyball team can be directed to Charlotte Carr at

2019 CSAL Champions


Cross Country Team/Running Club

In the winter of 2016, we officially launched our first running club. Our running club will be comprised of middle school students from 5th-8th grade, boys and girls. The club's facilitators will be Erin McGinty and Anne Seitzinger. It is a great way to condition for Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and for anyone's overall fitness.

Any questions about our running club, cross country and/or track team can be directed to Erin McGinty at

Please make sure Health documents have been submitted to Nurse Monya.  Medical clearance grants the student-athlete access to participate.

Parent Interest Form - to be completed by 9/29/2020
Interest Flyer
Running Club Calendar


NCC Neighborhood Center
56 Hayes St
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