Learning Community Charter School

Learning Community Charter School
At LCCS, we see the early years in education as a crucial time to not just teach children the basics of reading, math literacy, science and the arts - but to teach them how to learn, and how to love learning through a progressive, cross-curriculuar education. 

How does that work? At every grade level, several times a year there are major "studies," which gives students a time to delve deeply and broadly into a topic. Instead of breaking down subjects - math, ELA, science, social studies - into separate fields, those subjects are all incorporated into the topic. This approach reaches all types of learners and gets students excited about learning, while reinforcing the basics and teaching higher level skills, like scientific observation and collaboration. 

For example, in 2nd Grade, there is the Habitat Study. Students read science books and keep journals about animal habitats and eventually create a play to tell the story of animal habitats. One year, the students took a field trip to see creatures in their habitats. 


There is an in-depth look at space through a Space Carnival in 3rd Grade. 


... and a 4th Grade Business Study where students create their own business plans, and share them with their peers. (Here, presenting their work to the CEO of Rising Tide Capital, who gave them real-world feedback.) 


It is through this style of experiential, hands-on learning that students grow and thrive. 

Technology: In 4th and 5th Grades, students take a dedicated Technology class that covers everything from how the Internet works to search techniques and online research skills to online safety and coding. 


Learning Lab: LCCS's Gifted and Talented program for Grades 3-8 meets twice a week and allows children to explore independent projects with guidance from LCCS instructors. 

Peer-to-Peer: There are many opportunities for older students to pair with younger peers - in assemblies with "Circle Buddies," and as "Reading Buddies," where younger students practice their reading skills with older friends, or when older students share their work with younger children.


Language: Students begin taking Spanish in Kindergarten and can continue through 8th Grade or opt into Mandarin Chinese in 5th Grade. 

Schedule: The school day is broken into 9 periods, with daily recess and gym twice a week. 

Special events:
There is a Spelling Bee for 4th and 5th Grades in January. 


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